Parallel Projects

September 6th 2013

It’s been a busy week with little time to sew.  My local quilting Guild had their two opening meetings this week and it was so good to be back amongst other fanatical, slightly barmy quilters.  Our Guild has over 100 members and though I say so myself, it is just full of amazingly talented, artistic and creative men and women.  I come away from every meeting newly inspired.

Gus also had his braces fitted, top and bottom, so needed lots of extra tlc.  We watched a lot of tennis to distract from his aching jaws and I managed to sew one 12 inch block for one of my parallel projects.  For this project I have been working on a whole batch of new flowers  and in order to (a) practice them and (b) have a full sized bed quilt for my next book I have gone back to a quilt I designed in 2005, my first ever attempt at an applique quilt.  Image

Called “Baltimore Revisited” this is it on the studio floor this morning, in early morning light.  The handiwork is not great but it just goes to show that even rudimentary applique can have an impact as I still love this quilt in spite of all its many technical flaws.  At the time I wanted to produce a less busy version of a typical Baltimore applique quilt and so I interspersed my versions of traditional Baltimore wreaths and hearts with individual flowers and then the same individual flowers, repeated along some axis of symmetry to produce a block with a group of four flowers.   It gives some really interesting secondary patterns like this…… 




I have decided to replicate this idea using the my new wreaths and hearts from my new Floral Impressions quilt along with these new flowers.  It will be a totally impractical bed quilt,  being created in silks, on a navy blue background to use up the yards of navy blue silk I bought in mad moment years ago.  I’m hoping this quilt might just finish off all my silks once and for all.  Here is one of the new flowers I worked on this week along with some pale blue blueberries (unripe perhaps).


And here are some particularly loopy flowers I made earlier this year in a moment when, if it were not for the fact that I’m older and wiser, you might think I created under the influence of something hallucinogenic.  Actually, joking aside, I really love these flowers but have no idea what to call them.


I finished last week’s Chilli Pepper Wreath too – I just echo quilted the applique and then made it into a footstool top but if anyone puts their feet on it they will be shouted at.  It works quite well especially with the prairie points edging.  It’s a bit of decorative nonsense that cheers up the hallway.Image


3 thoughts on “Parallel Projects

  1. Christie Wickert says:

    Debby, I LOVE your blue silk background and the flowers on top. I also bought quite a few yard of a similar blue silk and wondered how I might use it…

  2. Jayne Jenkins says:

    Debby – I am interested in your floral impression quilt – love it. Is it available as a pattern yet and are you going to do a block of the month with it. I also love your Baltimore Revisited quilt. Jayne J

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