Freezer Paper Magic

27th September 2013


Anyone who has taken a class with me knows that I don’t really believe in all the weird and wonderful notions dreamed up by the quilting industry and I am only particular about a very few things.  I care very much about batting (Hobbs wool), thread and fabric.  I need my rotary knife and cutting board, love my Roxanne Betweens no. 9 and that’s about it.  Except for one more thing.  I couldn’t live with out freezer paper.  I use it for everything – to draw out new designs, pulling lovely big pieces of it from the roll with gay abandon, I use it for my applique templates and this past week tried something out that worked so well, I wanted to pass it on to all of you.


I used to heavily endorse mylar, the heatproof template plastic, as the best material for making templates to gather around and iron for circles and ovals.  However, not only is it pretty expensive and hard to come by,  for some reason the manufacturer changed it from an easy to see, cloudy, semi-translucent, plastic sheet to one that is completely transparent. Now you can cut out ten small invisible ovals for berries, breathe, and lose the lot on the floor, never to be found again.  It’s impossible to see the stuff – I don’t know why they changed it.  Card, just the ordinary card bought in printing packs from stationers, that you use in your printer is pretty good but you can’t trace through it.  Not only that but even though it is just stiff enough for smaller pieces, you can’t re-use the templates more than a couple of times before they get too floppy.  Cereal box card is great, but how to trace perfect circles and ovals on to that?  Daa daah….  Freezer paper.


I discovered an old drawn out design last week and given that Autumn is upon us, decided to take a break from my other projects to run up this 24″ Autumn Wreath.  As it was already drawn out life sized, I could make the templates straight from the drawing.  I already had bits of torn freezer paper everywhere to draw out the templates for petals and leaves.  Experimentally I also drew over some of the circles and ovals.



I then ironed this freezer paper onto the usual printing card I had and was pleased to see that the two fused beautifully.  And I mean beautifully.  The card was perfectly crisp and hard.



The circles were so easy to cut out from the freezer paper/card mix.  The result is a perfect weight and makes a fantastic template that you can re-use several times.



It even worked well for the large circle of the pomegranate which needs quite a substantial, stiff template for such a large piece.  The freezer paper also seems to add a sort of waterproof layer so that when you use the steam iron, the template doesn’t get soggy.  It really works.  Try it.


I went on to make some off white ovals for branches of honesty but as they are going onto a very dark background they needed to be interfaced like this….









(PS I haven’t forgotten about the video………)



2 thoughts on “Freezer Paper Magic

  1. Eva Jones says:

    You can find some great templates for tracing perfect ovals and circles of all sizes at Timely Products. Just do a web search and look at their catalog.

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