Just doodling…..




October 23rd 2013


I have been having such fun doodling away on my alternate version of Floral Impressions. I treat myself to working one block a week to keep my spirits up and to delay bringing out my dreaded purple project for its enforced two hours of applique.   I describe this Floral Impressions piece as doodling because it really has been as mindless and as fun as that.  I had no preconceived ideas when I started it colourwise and I’m only now beginning to think of what its final colours might turn out to be.  I love the red as you all know (gush? me?) and I had decided on the stem green and one of the leaf colours but apart from that it’s just been a totally ad lib process and going with whatever colour I feel like at the time….  Given it has been that random I’m really pleased and amazed with how it’s looking.  To be honest when the applique colour I have used doesn’t quite work, I find that throwing in some frankly, faintly ridiculous, embroidery just holds it all together in a very happy go lucky way.  So I’ve just finished the pink daisy heart this morning (the faintly ridiculous embroidery might be referring to those buds).  I love it actually and who would have thought that daisy pink would look so good on the red?




And here is a photo of the whole piece so far.  





BOMers.   Panic not when you see that this is worked in one piece and not in blocks.  This is because I know this pattern so well and can make it very quickly, ie not over a period of a year, and am confident enough that I won’t muck up one block  and thus the whole piece.  Working on large pieces all at once is not for the faint hearted as I know to my cost.  I have a large piece of applique that I have been working on for the last few months (how many?  Feels like years.) and to describe it as looking like a dishrag would be too flattering.  I am wondering if it will ever have that sparkling fresh and clean new quilt look once completed.  It seems a bit of a long shot just now.  I used to work on one piece of applique at once, always (with perhaps the odd diversion of a cushion), and could never understand those people who wrote to me to tell me of their many projects they work on concurrently (let alone UFOs ha ha, totally beyond my comprehension).  Now I find myself in the same position with three projects on the go at once.  I find this way of working has none of the creative reward of working on one thing at once.   My purple project and I hate each other so much that I seem to have developed the equivalent of writer’s block.   In despair a couple of weeks ago I decided the only way to actually ever get it finished would be to put it on my weekly list (I am a list girl) and so there it is – Monday through to Friday, 2 hours a day.  It is two hours I dread but I do it for the gratification of ticking a chore off my list, not for the love of the quilt.   Surely, eventually, it will be finished.   I hate it with such a vengeance just now but I hope that once it is finished, quilted, bound and been put in a drawer for a few weeks I will take it out, fall in love with it and wonder at my fickle nature.


So now I’ve had my fun,  doodling on the red, procrastinated further by writing an unnecessary blog, it’s time to do my two hours’ penance.



12 thoughts on “Just doodling…..

  1. Eva Jones says:

    I, myself, enjoy doing more than one project at a time; it gives me a break to change from one to another. Currently, I’m signed up for 3 BOMs! Love what you’ve done with the red, but I like working with the smallness of one block at a time instead of the entire fabric. I’ll bet the rest of us would think that the purple is lovely, too. I am enjoying our BOM and have finished my olive wreath. Eva

  2. wendy says:

    Deborah, you never have an unneccessary blog, I am sure a lot of us wait with bated breath for you updates and photos, your work is an inspiration.

  3. Ellen says:

    I agree, no blog you write is unnecessary, we do wait for news and pics!! I too have completed my olive bom, can’t wait to start our next one.

  4. etherealuj says:

    Love your red version – can’t wait to see your purple project! You did create a temporary panic when I saw you hadn’t cut your blocks, so I thought I had made a mistake on mine! I do have a question regarding your embroidery — what size and type of needle are you using with your Sulky thread?

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