Desert Island Measures…..Photos 1 – 5

A friend of mine, Naty, has just moved to Vietnam, is stuck in a hotel, is quilting mad but without her studio goodies as yet.  With young children and still without her home it is a hard time for any expatriate.  A talented quilter and appliquer her sewing is, I suspect, keeping her together during this difficult transitional period.  As well as other designs she is doing my Block of the Month and mentioned that she can’t buy embroidery thread but pictured a viscose thread she is (I think) trying to use.  Here is a really great alternative, that not only works, but gives lovely results.  So here you are Naty, this one is for you…..


Take one of your recently bought silks.  Silk taffetas work best for this, not the dupioni, although that would work too if it is all you have.  Separate three or four strands off the edge..  Take the base off a tea light and remove the wick.  Thread your embroidery needle, run the silk through the tea light once or twice getting it nicely waxed up.  Then run it through your fingers removing excess wax and use for your whipped running stitch as usual.  It really makes a great strong silk thread.  By the way you can also use just one silk thread in this manner for perfectly matched to your silk applique thread!Image






One thought on “Desert Island Measures…..Photos 1 – 5

  1. NAty says:

    Dear Debby, you are wonderful!! thanks so so so so much for such a good advice. I am defintely struggling on finding thread over here…..not anymore with this awesome tip!!
    And yes, applique is keeping me sane,… know me I cannot keep still!
    You are an artist full of resources 😉 and an incredible and generous friend.
    un abrazo fuerte!

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