Acorns and Oak Leaves

November 6th 2013


I have abandoned everything in favour of this project and am just having a blast with oak leaves and acorns, both of which I love to pieces.  I realise it’s a while since I have been totally high with the joy of a new motif because I’m zingy with it today.  I love these silly oak leaves and acorns.  I love the stripey/plain combo, the too big acorn cups – it all works beautifully to my mind.  It’s funny how these things leap up out of the blue – I started this just to check the pattern for the central wreath but now I know it’s going to have to grow into a full sized wall hanging with another border after this one.  It’s precious too because the striped fabric are tiny samples from Michael from years ago, since discontinued I think.  The browns of the oak leaves are all from the Oakshott Earth collection.  The thread is a sulky 12 – colour 4006.  (It is delicious.)Image




7 thoughts on “Acorns and Oak Leaves

  1. Christine Wickert says:

    I “love it to pieces,” too, Debby! I am always in awe how you can design a piece as you go along. The stripes and plaids are fabulous.

  2. etherealuj says:

    Lovely! The background fabrics you use make your applique just pop – absolutely inspiring me to be more adventurous.

  3. Pamela says:

    Hi Deborah, Beautiful work ! I started a strip quilt in January this year, with an Elizabethan motif inspired applique, including acorns and oak leaves. I love the design and am now on the final ‘strip’ of applique and have come to a halt. I usually only work on one quilt at a time, and I find that I am having to force myself to complete this final piece of the quilt top, as I want to get on to the quilting. I think that I have just become bored by repeating the design. Has this ever happened to you?
    Best Wishes

    • I completely empathise as I too have a piece that I have to force myself to work on (and haven’t worked on now for over a week). It’s mad as I am relatively near to completion – if I worked on it for ten days it would be ready for quilting. I think boredom can set in and I think that in my case it is because I have several things on the go at once which is why when they are all completed I will go back to one project at a time. I find that what I need is something on TV (think Olympics/Wimbledon/national news scandal (ha ha – we have one now in Canada) which means I feel I can sit and listen for hours and then of course I would applique or quilt. When I get back from my trip to the UK I am going to force myself to complete mine by which time you may have completed yours and we can celebrate together! By the way, your quilt sounds gorgeous so I want a pic!!

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