A long overdue trip to meet the Oakshotts

November 24th 2013

It has been all quiet on my blog front and I am shocked to see that my last entry was November 6th.    As a result of a trip to the UK I haven’t any new sewing pics or tips to share but I can tell you that at last, after a few years of collaboration, the Oakshott family and I finally met for the first time last week.   We can’t even remember the date of our first e mail exchange or when Michael, out of the blue, sent me a big box of samples that blew me away with delight.  We think possibly about four years ago…

It was a complete thrill to meet Julia, Michael and Rose and to see bolts and bolts, fat quarter upon fat quarter of shot cottons (and silks too!) glowing from every nook and cranny.  Wow.  What a beautiful stock room – I could have spent hours and hours just rifling through the lot, old stock, new stock, very exciting new samples.  Just bliss.  Incidentally if any of you were worried by the recent notes in the Oakshott diary (as I was) about the new machine loomed shot cottons in lieu of hand loomed I can assure you that the new machine loomed fabrics are every bit as lovely.  No worries there then.    I spent a few hours with Michael, Rose and Julia and it was great to get to know each other a bit after years of e mails and the odd phone call.  I learned a lot too about thread, dying and weaving.  All in all it was a great day.  

Here is a picture of Julia, who started it all!


and a group pic of the four of us.


Now I’m back in a rather windy Montreal and hope to have some time to get some sewing done before Christmas activities threaten to overwhelm my intentions to finally finish the applique of my purple quilt.



One thought on “A long overdue trip to meet the Oakshotts

  1. Christine Wickert says:

    Hi Debby,

    And I assumed you knew the Oakshotts since way back!!! All of you being Brits and all…. That must have been a happy meeting on everyone’s part.

    They have SILKS!! Wish they showed them on their website.

    I am putting sewing aside for Christmas cookie baking and other sundry holiday preparations. The snow put me right in the mood.


    Christine Wickert 94 Camberley Pl. Penfield, NY 14526 (H) 585-348-7027 (C) 585-414-7620 cwickert@rochester.rr.com

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