Canadian Ladies……

2nd December 2013

Today we had our monthly Block of the Month Group and as usual we had a day of much fun, food, friendship (and a little bit of sewing thrown in).  This was the third time we had met for the Block of the Month and as always when everyone left I felt buzzy with happiness at spending the day with such a fabulous group of women.  I feel that for centuries women have known this, that a group of women sewing together with easy idle chit chat throughout the day offers more support and friendship than all the teas and lunches, dinners and coffees put together.  I love my Quilt Guild and I love my Block of the Month Group.  Here we are, the Canadian Contingent.Image

and later on taking a break for lunch….


Meanwhile I am hoping to get lots and lots of sewing done in the next week or two and feel full of energy to finish the purple monster.  Photos of projects to follow in a few days time.  I have been busy with so many other things since getting home that there is little to post of a sewing nature and I keep on finding myself knitting, a guilty pleasure, which keeps me from my applique.  Sewing pics next time I promise!!


5 thoughts on “Canadian Ladies……

  1. Anne Sutton says:

    Dear Deborah, So glad that you enjoyed your trip to the UK and particularly to Oakshott. It’s such a treasure trove of wonderful textiles and my fingers always itch when I am there. Thanks for the photos below. The top one reminds me of one of our trips toCanada when we went dog sledding. Not the most comfortable ride but completely exhilarating. Loved the driver’s shouts of “Aller fumer”. We still laugh about that. We go to Canada fairly often as my husband was at MacMaster in Hamilton and we are still in touch with his house mates. The youngest is 78 ! Our favourite bit of Canada is the ‘Canadian’ train from Toronto to Vancouver, but we always get off in Jasper and visit either Banff or Lake Louise where he used to drive a tour bus in the summer vacations. Next time you come this way stay a bit longer and do a couple of workshops. I would be first in the queue ! Wishing you a happy Festive Season and a healthy and peaceful new year. Kindest regards, Anne Sutton

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  2. What a great-looking group of ladies! You remind me of a group of friends I used to spend time with when we were young wives who enjoyed needlework and had young children — the children would play, and we could enjoy each other’s company as we worked on our individual projects. Those were truly special times!

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