Purple Monster

December 12th 2013


I am using this blog to try to pressurise myself to stagger to the finish line with the aforesaid monster.  I have managed to do the odd bit of applique here and there but it’s amazing just how much you can procrastinate when there is something you really don’t want to do.  I have done a stack of knitting – a coat – (yes really, a whole coat), a huge shawl for a present (which though I say so myself was just beautiful) two bandanas for sons who along with me are are fighting the cold spell outside (minus 19 as I write and that’s without windchill).  I have taken up machine patchwork after what must be an eight year lull.  I have sorted out all my Oakshotts and folded them neatly into colour blocks.  I have cooked like a gastro-chef and finished my christmas shopping.  So here are two pictures of the unfinished demon.   Please bully me.



20 thoughts on “Purple Monster

  1. Ann says:

    The “Purple Monster” is absolutely gorgeous. The pink flowers are fantastic and I looooooove the overall effect. Finish it and you will be the happiest person round, despite what someone else might say.

  2. Jan Moore says:

    It’s absolutely stunning!
    From your photo, it looks as if you’re near the finish line. Keep doing your two hours a day, you’re nearly there…

  3. Jo says:

    Gorgeous – as per your usual:). Is the background fabric silk or Oakshott? I want to see your knitted projects.
    Ok ok – put on your big girl quilting panties and get ‘er done! You can do it – NOW!

  4. Eva Jones says:

    I, too, think it’s beautiful. I’m wondering, when you begin a large project, do you draw out every detail before beginning, or draw the main elements of the center wreath (for example), the ones that give balance to the design, and then fill in as inspired or the spirit moves you? Is every detail planned before you begin stitching? or do you “fly be the seat of your pants”?

  5. wendy says:

    It is beautiful and looks just about finished, would love to see yur knitted coat photos as well for us knitters. Have a nice Xmas too

  6. Christine Wickert says:

    Spectacular, Debby! It takes my breath away! Why is it such a “monster” for you?

    I would never bully you! But perhaps you might want to “bury” it for a while and dig it up when you are more inclined to enjoy it again…

  7. Jeanne Sullivan says:

    Stunning work, as usual, Deborah! Please set a good example for me…I’m struggling to get the last bit of inspiration to finish a quilt I’m working on, too. Ready… set… GO!

  8. alison says:

    What can I add to encourage you to carry on – it is breathtakingly beautiful. I am madly envious of your creativeness. Have you thought about why you are reluctant to finish it? Methinks it is something other than the project that is hindering you.


  9. Zoe Albert says:

    Deborah, I can’t imagine why you hate it??? except that it isn’t red! The purple is stunning as a background ~ I can’t wait to see the quilt finished~
    At the rate that you get things done that could be quite soon and then we can all enjoy it!

  10. Naty says:

    Dear Debbie, it is outstanding and you got so far! Sure not much left. Little by little it doesn’t matter when, I sure will be in line to get the gourgeous pattern when it is finished;)

  11. Beth (BC in BC) says:

    Hi Deb! It is glorious. It looks like all you need to do (“all you need to do”… heh heh!) is quilt it. Schedule it in, in increments: One day to baste, then a certain amount of time every day after that. It doesn’t HAVE to be done within a certain timeframe does it? So you could allot a half hour a day for quilting the purple quilt, then the remaining time to work on something that you love. You will know in your heart that if you keep to your schedule, it will eventually be done! (And if you’re like me, you may even calculate days to completion and project a finish date.) And one other thing: words become thoughts etc, so maybe it needs a new name. Purple Passion?
    Have fun! Beth

  12. Jeanne Sullivan says:

    Hi Deborah. And, I thought I held the world record on procrastination! Yes, it’s those challenging details that can derail you, the uncertainty, whatever. Ugh! But, while doing your side stepping, I’m sure your creative brain has been working out the path, even if you’re not aware of it yet. It’s time. Sit down with your monster and scream to yourself, “Just Do It”!!! We’re counting on you! ❤
    Warm wishes for a fine finish,

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