Thank you!

December 15th 2013


Well honestly, I thought it might help me a little but you have all given me the kick I needed and I have both worked hard on and actually enjoyed working on the purple quilt in the past week.  Thank you all so much for giving me  many different reasons for completion, thank you for all the compliments which have spurred me on and for just making what seemed impossible achievable.

I feel I owe you a bit of an explanation as to why this has seemed such an uphill battle which also will answer your queries about the design.  I started off with the central wreath and then decided that I wanted to make the quilt choc-a-bloc full of flowers.  I do indeed “fly by the seat of my pants” and the quilt dictates to me as I go along.  This means that it has told me to put in even more mimosa, even more flowers and finally (this week to come) a whole band of red poppies in each corner.  I find that it’s all about balance but with this quilt I didn’t know that it would dictate to me to repeat all the most fiddly flowers, and so much more of them than I thought at the outset.  I called it “Purple Monster” as that is how someone referred to it in an email recently and it made me laugh.  I know I will love it once it is finished, or at least finished and put away for a week or so.  I know I’ll enjoy the quilting and embroidery and I think I will bind it with a wavy bright red binding.  I think I will have finished the applique by the end of this month, thanks to all of you and so I feel very optimistic.  In fact I think after calling a previous quilt quilt “Euphoria” that I might just call this one “Joy” without even so much as a hint of irony.  Thank you all and Happy Christmas in case I don’t get to post in the next few days because I am so busy appliqueing poppies!


8 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Beth (BC in BC) says:

    I think that as we improve in our craft (art) we must continually challenge ourselves, in order to grow. Deb, once your fiddly flowers are done, this quilt will be even MORE award-worthy than your others. I can’t wait to see the final product!

    I just this morning hung a large applique quilt that I’ve been working on for fifteen months. I finished it yesterday, and honestly, I thought it would be complete in September! So don’t get frustrated – just persevere, and it will be done before you know it, and then you’ll be wondering what to do with yourself!

  2. karen Bradley says:

    You have taken purple (a colour close to my heart) to new dimensions! It is amazing and, when finished, will be outstandingly wonderful. I must absolutely see it then if not before.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year filled blessings.

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