Snow and Ice and Nice Sewing. (Almost works if you say it out loud…)

December 21st 2013


My studio is plunged into its seasonal grey gloom as the three gorgeously huge skylight windows are blanketed thickly with snow and ice and we need some bright sunshine to melt it off.  Bright sunshine is forecast for Christmas Day so I have my fingers crossed.  Up here in Montreal we have had a huge amount of snow and ice already and ice pellets are falling as I write, sounding like fizzing epsom salts as they cascade into the snow.   Many of those of you in warmer climes or Europe send us worrying messages of concern but our houses are warm, our shops are warm and we have the gear to deal with it.  What it means is lots of extra sewing time in order to avoid slow moving traffic or the zillions of snow ploughs out to clean the streets.  So who’s complaining?!  I just took this photo to illustrate my point, so this is the view from my kitchen.  I’d send a photo of my studio but it is but a gloomy cavern today….Image

After all your encouragement I have been working hard on the PM but I did also manage to complete the first border of my Harvest/Autumnal/Plaid and Plains quilt and I really love it to bits.  So much so that I have put it away for now as I will continue with another border beyond and possibly some blank space for some exciting quilting once the PM is finally finished.    I love the way the colours just glow off the navy background and I love its zany naif look. 


Now I must put this away and venture out into the frozen abyss as we have not only Milo to walk this morning but our son’s whippet too.  Rufus is staying for two weeks and both he and Milo are running around the house like a couple of hooligans and need to go out for a walk in their Arctic gear.  





2 thoughts on “Snow and Ice and Nice Sewing. (Almost works if you say it out loud…)

  1. jan moore says:

    I can’t believe your icicles- we just have wind and rain in East Anglia, and a dog to walk too in the rotten weather.
    Your blue quilt is just stunning. The colours really sing, and the simplicity of the design is just gorgeous. Every time I see one of your pieces, I think, ” This is the best one yet,” and then you do something else amazing.
    Here in Essex, I’m rediscovering paper piecing, and contemplating making a Candied Hexagons quilt in the style of Kim McLean, the Australian quilter.
    Best wishes for a happy family Christmas,
    Jan Moore

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Absolutely agree – each piece is more beautiful than the last one. As for the weather…BRRRRRRRRRRRR! Beautiful to look at, but for this Texas girl, it’s intimidating!

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