Framing Quilts Behind Glass

January 8th 2014

Framing Quilts Behind Glass.

My oldest friend, Sian, whom I have known for over 40 years, has more of my quilts and various handicrafts that anyone else and she has always used them so cleverly, more so than me, that visiting her is always one continual surprise to see pieces of work that look lovely, that I had forgotten, and what is more, I probably would have thrown out!  She would be a sought after top interior designer in another life.  Her talent in making the most beautiful homes astonishes me.  And what she does with my bits and pieces astonishes me too.  Before moving back to her house in London she and her husband lived in Wiltshire in the UK, in a gorgeous old rambling country house which she worked on for years and years culminating in the most beautiful home I know.  Indeed it wasn’t just me who thought so, it was profiled in the magazine “Country Homes and Interiors” the year before she moved.   I’m proud to say that nearly all her beds are covered with my quilts, the tables with my papier mache bowls and ornaments and the kitchen with my blue and white painted china.


A little over a year ago I decided to send her a 12 inch pillow for her birthday.  It was a sample I had sewn years ago, on my much loved Den Haan red background to try out a new design for a Berry Wreath.  This design incidentally has never been used until my Floral Impressions Quilt and is next month’s block.  I found it in a stash of fabric and decided to quilt it up for her, make it into a little pillow and make it truly hers by binding with red and white check (her favourite).  I meant her to use it as a pillow, or suggested given its small size that it would be a great travelling bag for undies, or make up or something as it had a secure zip on the reverse.  She told me she loved it but I didn’t know what she would use it for.  When I went to see her in London there was my 12 “ piece beautifully framed and on her bedroom wall.  She said it had been far too pretty not to frame and I was amazed how perfect it looked behind glass.  Here’s a not very good photo (ipad) of the picture.



It made me wonder if perhaps I should do the same with some of my pieces that sit around in drawers and believe me, I have many.  I bit the bullet on my return from my UK trip and decided that my little Oakshott Miniature that I made for experimentation years ago (“How Small Can I Go?”!) was an ideal candidate as it languishes in drawers getting in the way  – too good for a placemat and too small for a wall (and I’m not into dinky little ornaments and mats anyway).  Here is it before and after framing.  I’m pleased with the overall result although think perhaps the London version was was better as I like the way it looks as if it is floating on the wall with its pale background and mount compared to my stronger turquoise mount and black frame. 




Whilst scrummaging around last week I found some hexagon pieces I worked years ago and thought how beautiful they were.  I remember I gave a whole pile away in a mad moment (rather regretting that now) but knowing that I’ll never make a whole quilt like this wonder if they might look good framed too.   I can’t believe the detail I went for – aren’t they lovely?



6 thoughts on “Framing Quilts Behind Glass

  1. So glad you decided to frame it so it could get the attention it deserves. Perhaps it depends on the furnishings in the room, but I prefer your mounting and frame. Love the hexies – if you don’t frame them, turn them into little pincushions! I saw that done recently, and they were beautiful.

  2. Christine Wickert says:

    What a spectacular way to enhance your glorious miniature, Debby! Glad it got resurrected from the drawer!

  3. Jan Moore says:

    Your hexagons are so lovely. They would look super framed in their own right.
    You could link them with neutral hexagons, although they look stunning as they are.

  4. People keep telling me I should frame my tree of life, and I think maybe I should as the Santiago dust can’t be good for it.
    I have been thinking of framing the blocks that missed the cut for mum and dad’s quilt as well. One of them went into a pillow. Hmmm lots of food for thought.

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