Floral Impressions II

January 15th 2014

I’ve finally finished the nine central blocks for my alternative brightly coloured (read multicoloured!) Floral Impressions.  I can’t wait to see just how different a multicoloured version looks compared to the original pastel version.  Here are two photos of my just finished applique – spot the difference!   To find it, look at the first photo and see if you can see what is wrong with the colour balance.  There really is an imbalance and the tiniest of changes has helped even things out a bit.  If you can’t be bothered and don’t have a bored child within easy reach I’m sure someone will be quick to spot it.    I think I might substitute one other flower along with this substitution later but I want to see some border flowers in place first before making the final adjustments.Image


I rarely unpick my work – technical mistakes are covered up with embroidery or otherwise camouflaged  but if a colour shouts too strongly and the balance of the piece is out of whack I will take my stitch ripper out for a rare appearance.  



8 thoughts on “Floral Impressions II

    • Nope…. But I can see why you would say so. In this context, ie minus borders I think you’re absolutely right, the central block makes no sense at all and it needs the four olive trees on each corner in the final borders to bring those into a sensible context. So very well spotted but that’s not what I meant….

  1. etherealuj says:

    Ah – you’ve been playing with the violets — upper left corner block I spot a change — It needed the lighter violet!

  2. Zoe Albert says:

    Hi Debbie

    I just want you to know that I received my pattern for the Chilli Pepper, Olive & Rosemary pattern yesterday, love it! and today I received the Tax deductible donation from the Melio Foundation. Thanks so much! I am happy everything went through as anticipated.

    All the best,



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