Spring Flowers


April 7th 2014

In the absence of the true arrival of spring in Montreal, and on the day of the Quebec Provincial elections, some Spring flowers to cheer us all up.  These images are all taken from my Spring Revival Quilt which is made of 100% silk with hand applique, embroidery and quilting.  The pale pink and white blossoms in particular took hours and hours to applique with all their wavy edges, probably the most intricate flower I have ever sewn.  Not only were the petals tricky but at the end of each stamen is a tiny gold seed bead sewn by hand.   I was thrilled with the daffodils and narcissi, my first attempt to sew them both and I love the subtle variations in colour made possible by the huge variety of shades I found in just one metre of plaid multicoloured Indian silk.  I hope you can also recognise the Magnolias (both Stellata and Grandiflora), the white and purple lilacs, cherry blossom and dogwood blossom, trilliums and tulips.   I love this quilt, it remains one of my favourites and I’m considering framing it to protect the delicate silks from insect damage and general wear and tear.  If you would like to see the quilt in its entirety and some close ups go to 









6 thoughts on “Spring Flowers

  1. Ann says:

    Beautiful quilt always a favourite of mine. Thank you Debby for sharing this on a day we all need cheering up. Hopefully we will have a good outcome from the election. I am very lucky to have Debby as a good friend and to live so her her.

  2. Eva jones says:

    I love the colors in this quilt! So much so that I modeled the quilt I made for my daughter-in-law last Christmas on this one. I did a lot of the flowers and used similar colors. I liked it really well. You’re an inspiration.

  3. Jan Moore says:

    This is really stunning- it’s Spring in a quilt…
    What’s it like working in silk compared to cotton? Did you have much problem with fraying?

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