Creative Diversification

May 2nd 2014


I have been quite busy with the applique of my red version of Floral impressions.   I’m on the borders now.   I have interspersed it with my new knitting craze, especially now that we are in the throws of the Stanley Cup Play-Offs (hockey, for those of you in the UK, ICE hockey and very important hockey what is more!).  Lots of TV so lots of knitting time too.

I am loving my applique but I am hankering to go back to my papiermache days again after a lull of many years.  It’s funny how Amsterdam has always had this effect on me.  I was there in March and after wandering around the city for three days longed to make something three dimensional.  I want to make a massive, crazily over-sized bowl, out of the thinnest most transparent tissue paper, gold leafed on the inside to sit on the floor with a light behind it.  I don’t know how long I can wait.  Until you have finished the Floral impressions quilt I tell myself.  

Here are some examples of my papier mache which sold in art galleries and design shops in London in the 90s.ImageImage



 Paper roses too – my own adaption of flower making which resulted in gorgeous, hand coloured, crinkly papered and surprisingly tough paper roses.  Indeed, many of these pictured are more than 20 years old.  It seems unbelievable that they have lasted so well.  Visual overabundance turns my head – so I love to see one of my urns overstuffed and weighty with paper roses too.  They are nothing like fragile silk flowers but are crinkly, textured and very tactile.   You can really scrunch them and they’ll bounce back.  Most of the paint colours I used were ochres, umbers and madder red for a scrumptious palette of antique colours.  I would tint the wallpaper paste with these acrylics and use that to stick three layers of crepe paper together and dry it in the hot Cypriot sun to make the crinkly, stiff paper with which the roses are made.  I used to sell them too and the shops went on to sell them for about $10 a piece, even then, so I think only I, the maker, or a millionaire, could afford to fill an urn with them.  These urns, bowls and flowers have festooned our houses for nearly twenty years now and also those of my close friends and family.   I think I’m going to have to get back to paper and glue again.  


You have to admit, there is a bit of a running theme to my work.  Maybe next week I’ll show you my ceramics!




4 thoughts on “Creative Diversification

  1. etherealuj says:

    I am in awe — I had no idea how multi-talented you are! Both the papier mache and the roses are fabulous – and so is your knitting. Looking forward to seeing your ceramics! Don’t suppose you’d like to publish a tutorial on how to make the roses – after we finish Floral Impressions?

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