Midnight Garden

May 13th 2014


My silk wall hanging, “Midnight Garden” has come home to roost for a few weeks.  


It is a quilt I gave to my brother some years ago and I hadn’t seen it for quite a while until last week.  I am teaching three workshops at the Quebec Salon at the end of this month and feeling that it is my best example a silk applique,  I asked him if I could borrow it for a few weeks.  It arrived from the UK last week and seeing it again was like seeing an old friend after too long a time.    I have been enjoying seeing it afresh, the colours of the silks strike me most and how perfectly they stand out against the midnight blue background.  I love the embroidery and this still remains one of my all time favourites.  It’s amazing that all this embroidery is a result of only two stitches, and that’s all!  Without more ado, here are some close ups……









6 thoughts on “Midnight Garden

  1. Dear Deborah,
    thank you for sharing your work with us on your blog.
    You are really a great artist and I´m looking forward to seeing your next quilts.
    In Octobre I´m going to Sri Lanka, where I can buy silk fabrics. Normally I sew with cotton fabrics, but now I´m more courageous and will try to work with silk. Do you use also silk threat?

    • Yes I do but I find I can’t work with the very slippery monofilament YLI silk that many appliqué quilters use. I love Gutermannn silk thread that isn’t too hard to track down in most countries (it comes on a blue spool). It has the similar strength and feel to is as a cotton thread but disappears into the appliqué in the way a good silk thread does. I use silk thread for both appliqué in silks and cottons.

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