Catch Up News on an Historic Day for Britain

September 18th 2014

An historic day indeed. I had to mention it as many of you who read my blog live in Britain, in fact a smattering in Scotland. We await with bated breath and I wish all of you Scots the outcome that you wanted.

Firstly, you are all quite right to point out the rather abrupt end to the quilting video. I’m not sure why that happened but I think it might be because my Apple desk top is ancient (classed as an antique by the Apple Store at seven years old and thus unable to be updated) and my iphone on which we did the recording is brand new (lucky me). The ease with which one can supposedly zap things from one Apple source to another as boasted by our friends at Apple only appears to work if everything is brand new and updated. Given that it took months for us to actually finally get round to making the recording, that it took me at least two hours to manage to upload YouTube and then to the computer to put on the blog I just felt enough was enough and you would all get the general idea which I think, from the feedback, you all did.

So my summer was bliss. After our initial cycling holiday in Quebec, 340 km in 6 days thank you very much, I knitted up a storm during Wimbledon, the FIFA World Cup, US Open and most of all whilst watching Gus at his tennis matches too. I made another “Pente” cardigan for a friend in Holland who is very happy with it indeed, lots of scarves, socks, bits and bobs and presents galore for birthdays and Christmases.

As for quilting? I am nearly, so nearly at the end of the quilting of my Floral Impressons mark 2 in red and I have just bound my Autumn Wreath which you saw last year. I decided to bite the bullet and give this to Karen Desparois to longarm quilt. I am a great admirer of her work, she has some quilted wonderful non-traditional creations and has some great funky ideas. It is quite a departure for me as a hand quilter but I love her work. I told her that I didn’t care what she did with the quilt and that she could do whatever she wanted, I wanted a surprise. It was a very lovely surprise and I couldn’t be happier. And she did something really clever without even realising it. Actually on writing this I think maybe she did realise it, that her natural intuition told her what to do to bring it all into balance. The reason that I decided to finish this quilt at wallhanging size was that there was an imbalance in the design which, not matter how many three petalled flowers I added just couldn’t be remedied. Originally intended to be a full sized bed quilt with another one or two borders my heart was no longer in it as I just couldn’t get past the imbalance which shrieked at me every time I looked at it. Lest you think I am being too critical I do love the quilt, I love the colours and I especially love the use of plaids and plains together. Of course the Oakshotts are divine too. No question. For some reason Karen decided to put in a simple circle on the wreath and what is so very clever of her is that it has balanced everything out perfectly. I photographed it on the floor for the benefit of this blog as I think you can see the quilting more easily.



Back to some quilting now whilst listening to Radio 4 to hear what is happening on the other side of the pond on such an all important day!


6 thoughts on “Catch Up News on an Historic Day for Britain

  1. Jan Moore says:

    I loved the quilting video, despite the abrupt ending. It gave a good flavour of how to hand quilt using two thimbles, and without a hoop.
    The new wallhanging is sumptuous. What lovely rich, saturated colours. It looks very different machine quilted, but it adds a new quality to the work. The circle works so well to balance the design.

  2. etherealuj says:

    The video was wonderful — Thank You! As for your wreath – what an ingenious way to quilt it. Love the circle, and the pebbles work so well with the applique. Congrats to both of you!

  3. Suzanne Petitclerc says:

    I think this quilt is beautiful. I especially like the acorns and oak leaves as well as the fabrics used the blue background works beautifully!

  4. When you said you had sent it to a longarm quilter I held my breath but what a lovely result, a simple solution that only an expert could produce. I looked for the imbalance but then decided I don’t want to see it and it doesn’t matter probably to anyone but you!

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