Back to Needle and Thread

28th October 2014

I am back to sewing after quite a break from needle and thread.  I am breaking myself back in gently with some insects scattered on a wholecloth.  I’m enjoying fiddling around with little bits and pieces of silk again, embroidery thread and random colours.  It’s not exactly a magnum opus but it’s getting me back in my groove.  My eye is still a bit squiffy to say the least but I have decided to make friends with the large jellyfish like creature that floats across my vision every few minutes, closely followed by what looks like an octopus and other life forms more suited to an aquarium.  I have been told that this debris can take weeks/months to clear and so making friends with it rather than continuous exasperation seems a better way to go.


I came home from the school run to an unexpected package from UPS.  The International Quilt Festival (Houston Quilt Mecca, starting tomorrow) asked me weeks ago if they might have permission to photograph my quilt with a possibility of putting it in their annual magazine to coincide with the festival.  They said they would send me a free copy if my quilt was included.  And there it was.  My bête noire!




9 thoughts on “Back to Needle and Thread

  1. Christine Wickert says:

    Fabulous! And this did not win an award??? I look forward to seeing it in person!
    Give a wink to your jellyfishes and octopi for me when you work on your silken bugs. ydf

  2. Gisele Lapointe says:

    you may try to take many things away from her, the pleasure of driving, the fun of reading, knitting, and many physical things, but, you know what? you will never take her away from qjuilting.

  3. Jo says:

    Best attitude! Maybe instead of insects – a sea life quilt!

    I don’t know you personally but from what I can gather on your posts you are a “glass is half full” and “Can Do” gal.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am enjoying applique thanks to your book, Beautiful Botanicals.I used to paint portraits but after my eye sight began to deteriorate, I turned to fiber and embroidery. Sitting with strong glasses is much easier and to my great delight, I found that embroidery is my calling. Hope your eyesight has improved greatly and you continue to create your amazing work! Thanks for sharing your creative gifts with us all!

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