Not enough hours in the day

27th January 2015

It has been an age since I have written anything on my blog and for those of you who think I have totally given up the quilting ghost, I shall surprise you by saying I am, in fact, hugely busy on a major project and have been so for the past couple of months.  All rather under wraps for the moment but I am as busy with needle and thread as ever.  With yarn too and I am constantly itching to get my fingers knitting and it takes a lot of self discipline to keep away from my ever growing yarn stash.  The Aussie Open is giving me a pretty good excuse to get some knitting in this week.

I was lucky enough to get a taste (and samples) of a new Oakshott collection late last month.  Michael’s parcel dropped through the door as a complete surprise and to say it hit my chartreuse need bang on the head would be an understatement.  Oh what lovely clean, pristine colours.  The collection also includes the most perfect off white.  I find white one of the problem colours in my work and rarely find the right white.  Whites tend to be too blue, too white or too cream.  This one is perfect.   Gorgeous greys, soft pastels so clean and clear.  Not for me to divulge the name of the collection so keep your eyes skinned for the new collection the Oakshott website in February.  I ran this cushion up to see how the colours looked together.  I love the result, a contemporary look and for this reason (not laziness I promise) I left it unquilted.  I seem to be leaving much of my new work unquilted these days – I think I am moving into a new more contemporary feel, perhaps affected by the Modern Quilt Movement.


I loved it so much that I made a it a partner….


I find that I have moved away from red backgrounds into greys these days.  Soft warm dove greys and rich charcoals make such scrumptious backgrounds to highlight the colours of the design.

On the knitting front my lovely mother-in-law gave me some Brooklyn Tweed Loft for my birthday last month and I made up “Wake”, a beautiful very originally constructed sweater by Veronik Avery (available on Ravelry) with a curved wide back, stand up collar at the back of the neck and wide cables running down the front.  Warm and snuggly it was none the less hard to photograph – this was the best we could manage to show off the cabling moving diagonally down the front panel.   I find Loft hard to knit with as it is so fragile and breaks easily but once knitted it is perfect and worth the effort.  I like it even more when it has been through the wash a couple of times and shrunk just the tiniest teeniest bit.



Finally I have decided it’s time to start designing my own knitwear and I have started with this very simple pair of fingerless gloves.  The pattern isn’t perfect yet and needs a bit of tweaking for a better fit.  I’m working on that now, or would be if I wasn’t writing this.  In fact I must stop writing now and get on with my sewing project.  If this blog lacks a bit of sparkle it could be that we woke up at 3.15 am to watch the Aussie Open!

IMG_5969 IMG_5970


5 thoughts on “Not enough hours in the day

  1. Suzanne D. Petitclerc says:

    I love those fingerless gloves, such a nice colour combination the design is so cute. Just finished a shawlette in the green yarn you introduced me to last year, I love the feel of must get some more.

  2. I love the mitts! You are such a knitter these days, you really have come over to the soft and fuzzy side!

    The cushions are gorgeous, I love the simplicity of them without the quilting. And given that I’m not the world’s best hand quilter, maybe I’ll leave my next appliqué project unquilted too! I asked for a sewing book in Spanish so I could work on my vocabulary, and Bill got me a Baltimore Album Book, eek!

  3. Jo says:

    Your pillows are just stunning. Love love love your sweater. Bravo on the fingerless gloves. You have been busy! Please get an Instagram account. I find it’s the go-to-place for inspiration. I’ve posted a pic of a pillow I made from your book. Instagram is a social network that is photo-based. You post a pic with or without a comment – and people make “oohs” and “ahhhs”. You can make your account private and let only those you want see your photos. I can’t tell you how much IG has stirred my creative juices. I hashtagged you on the pillow. Conanmccoy is my account (my dearly departed hound)

  4. kay says:

    How fun to know that another stitcher in this time zone (Vermont USA) was getting up at 3am to watch the Australian Open! When my dear husband put a TV in my sewing room for me, I knew my quiltmaking would never again have to be put on hold until the end of a grand slam!

  5. Janice Lawson says:

    So glad to hear you are better and back at sewing and knitting. Just received an email from Michael at Oakshott about the new fabric – your cushions make me want to have a go, but I must finish my Floral Impressions quilt first (on the last border).

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