Free Pillow Design

To celebrate the publication of my forthcoming book I have been playing with some of the new flower designs therein, and with the copious quantities of butterflies and dragonflies that flitter all over the whole quilt “Euphoria”.  I have promised my quilt group a demonstration of some of my new techniques on Monday and designed this pillow to illustrate them.  In particular I have a new nifty way to sew my insects which is really well illustrated in “Euphoria Tapestry Quilts”, step-by-step style both in line drawings and photographs.

As usual I made the design up as I went along and upon completion I felt the pink dragonfly was a bit too close for comfort to the blue flower.  I drew the design out after completion of the appliqué so this space glitch is remedied in the pattern below.


I made the panel up into a simple, unquilted and unpiped pillow to sit on my chair by the lake using a combination of Oakshott cottons and silks.   It  measures 19″ x 13″ but you could enlarge the panel for your own use.  Those of you accustomed to my methods will know exactly how to cut your own templates for this design.  Step by step instructions for the constructions of the flowers and insects are all in my new book, “Euphoria Tapestry Quilts.  40 New Appliqué Motifs and 17 Flowering Projects ” by Deborah Kemball



It is available for pre-order on the C&T website and will be available July 18th 2016

or, available August 7th 2016é-Flowering/dp/1617451568?ie=UTF8&keywords=Deborah%20Kemball&qid=1464455349&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1

Here is the design for your personal use.  You need to print it at 200% for its full size.  The design doesn’t have a “right way up” per se, looking equally good with the large pink rose top left or bottom right.  It’s just occurred to me that this would make rather a lovely hooked rug too.  I hope someone makes it up as such and sends me a picture!




6 thoughts on “Free Pillow Design

  1. cwickert2014 says:

    And I, too, wish I could join your group! This is a delightful design. I printed it out to size 14″ X 9″ for a little wall hanging (or pillow). Thank you!


  2. Janice Lawson says:

    I’ve made it! Got sidetracked from quilting Floral Impressions and starting Midnight Garden. I’d send a picture if I could work out how to.

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