It’s arrived!

A thrilling day for me on Wednesday.  My one pre-sales copy of my book arrived care of my lovely postman from Canada Post.  I knew C&T had sent it to me the week before and had been waiting  with bated breath for both the book and to see if the Canada Post strike would hold off long enough for me to receive it.

I am thrilled!  If writing and producing a book is akin to having a baby I’m happy to announce that it is healthy, bouncing baby with all fingers and toes intact.  It is just beautiful.  Thank you and kudos to C&T for their amazing editorial team, their commitment to make the book exactly as I envisaged it, their beautiful photography and perfect book design.  I could not be happier.  Here are two pictures – the front and the back.  I considered a few more photos but I want you to open it and enjoy it yourselves. Watch this space for notification of when they will be available directly from me (very soon!).






10 thoughts on “It’s arrived!

  1. maribel says:

    Felicitaciones lo recuerdo cuando aca en chile lo estabas haciendo……maravilloso ojala tenerlo uno, ya que tengo los otros libros, le preguntare a Pilar Donoso Si lo tiene en su tienda.

  2. Carole Bowen says:

    Absolutely breathtaking Deborah. Congratulations! I am so looking forward to purchasing an autographed copy if possible.

  3. Janice Lawson says:

    Hoorah. Perfect. I’m nearly finished the Fuchsia and Violets block from Floral Impressions which will be a cushion and was wondering what could be my next hand sewing project. The pattern below will keep me busy till I get hold of the book.

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