Variegated Embroidery Thread

October 17th 2013

It’s been nearly two weeks since I wrote but I haven’t been idle.  In fact my fingers are tender from so much applique so I think I deserve a break.  I also hosted our first Montreal Block of the Month group last week which was so much fun and I’m just sad that all of those doing it, all over the world, couldn’t have been with us.  Twelve of us spent the morning  working on The Olive Wreath and I’m hoping to see some completed blocks soon.

I recommend using three Sulky 12 Embroidery Cottons for the blocks.  I can’t remember when I discovered this thread but I love  it and am using it more and more in my work.    I have just bought a whole load more to add to my collection…….Image


Not only do I like the colours and texture but they’re also easier to keep tidy………



According to the Gutermann Sulky website, one strand of this thread is equal to two threads of embroidery floss.   The subtle colour variations add for some great embroidery effects.  Here are some photos of some of the embroidery I have done over the past week with this thread…….









4 thoughts on “Variegated Embroidery Thread

  1. Ellen says:

    Those are beautiful-I do like that red background! My fingers are caaloused from all my applique (but thats ok by me!!) and I’m almost finished the block..

    • I’d love to see photos – it’s a great thread to quilt with too although I think I’d run it through a tea light of wax as I find it breaks quite easily (ie you can’t use the great long amount I like to use before it breaks!!) But it looks fantastic as quilting too – please send pics!

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